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You are struggling to build a team with the right tech skills, attitude and capacity to deliver. We are the hiring partner to quickly bring new people on board and add senior tech skills to your organization.

We help you get the most from external talent. We support and execute – from recruitment message design through the fastest and most comprehensive skills vetting process on the market to empowering you to have a robust on-boarding process to ensure fastest availability of talent to deliver on your digital agenda.

If need be, we can also allocate external skills on a temporary basis so that you keep on track with projects or product roadmap.

How Are We Different?

  • Fast and comprehensive assessment of candidates

    We use the most advanced tools and methodologies available globally to assess technical and soft skills. Imagine a vetting process squeezed to hours instead of days or weeks.

  • Software engineers interacting with Software engineers

    We are indeed RND Talents and software engineers are integral part of the sourcing, vetting and on-boarding process for any hiring assignment we engage in. Involving senior technology people with your technical hiring managers further reduces time-to-hire.

  • Staff allocation to augment your team while recruitment is underway

    We can accelerate your product roadmap or project delivery by placing senior technology staff as part of your teams. These senior resources provide additional capability to your teams and can help on-board new hires.


  1. Accelerated product / project delivery
  2. Fast sourcing and assessment of candidates
  3. Quality hires

Do you know it is not only Hiring?
We can hire + train new joiners + allocate RND Talents to an existing team for the best overall results.

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