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RND TLNTS – GDPR Privacy policy

Privacy policy for collection and processing of personal information

“R&D Talents” EOOD, EIK 205419292, with headquarters and place of business: “Manastirski Livadi – West”, 3 “Bialo pole” str., Sofia, Bulgaria, is a company registered as a staffing agency in compliance with article 5, section 1 of the Decree for the requirements and process for intermediary activities regarding job hiring, with a registration Certificate №: 2699/11.01.2019 issued by Bulgaria’s Employment Agency – later referred to as R&D Talents or We.

R&D Talents collects and processes personal data of individuals – subjects of that data, from third parties – recommendations, for the purposes of performing its intermediary and consulting activities regarding staff recruitment as well as for compliance with Bulgaria’s Employment Agency’s legal requirements regarding intermediary activities.

This Privacy Policy applies to:

  • Job candidates and addressees of R&D Talent’s consultant services;
  • Users of web sites and applications, which R&D Talents manages;
  • Partners, clients and suppliers – individuals, when it’s applicable;

R&D Talents collects the following personal data, granted by the data subjects:

  • contact information (name, postal address, e-mail and telephone number);
  • sex, citizenship, nationality, information concerning work permits;
  • username and password, when you register on our websites;
  • date of birth, age, qualifications, education, interests, employment history, languages and other skills, recommendations;
  • information from your autobiography or CV, information regarding career interests;
  • photograph;

In case of explicit consent from the data subject, We also collect the following data:

  • Information about your health status, disabilities, criminal record, etc.
  • Psychological profile (Only in case it’s required. You will be notified in advance in case one of our clients – potential employers – requires the creation of a psychological profile. You have the right to refuse the creation of such a profile. This information is kept only as long as it’s necessary for the current staffing process and it’s then passed on to the potential employer for his assessment.)

Please bear in mind that we do not require nor recommend putting personal data regarding race, ethnicity, political, philosophical or religious believes, membership in political parties and organizations, religious, philosophical, political and syndicate associations in your autobiography, as well as information concerning the health and/or sex life of an individual. This is “sensitive data” which is not required nor needed for the purposes of the staffing process or the needs of potential employers.

For the purpose of providing our services, it’s not required nor demanded of you to provide us with data from your identification documents such as your personal identification number, number of passport or ID card, expiry date, etc.

  1. Use of the collected data

R&D Talents collects and uses the collected data for the following purposes:

  • Presenting workforce solutions and connecting job candidates and employers;
  • Providing opportunities for job hiring and actual jobs;
  • Providing services in the field of human resources;
  • Providing additional services, such as trainings, career consulting and services regarding a change of professional orientation;
  • Assessment whether You are fit for a position or not as well as Your qualifications for other positions;
  • Data analysis, including analysis of the job candidates, grading of individual scores and abilities, including skills related to the job, and identifying shortage of skills; analysis of data trends regarding certain hiring practices;
  • Creating and managing online accounts;
  • Payment processing;
  • Managing our relationships with customers and suppliers;
  • In case of explicit consent provided by the data subject – for sending advertising material, notifications for available positions and other similar messages;
  • In case of explicit consent provided by the data subject – for participation in special events, promotions, programs, suggestions, researches, competitions and market research;
  • Management, assessment and improvement of R&D Talent’s activities (including development, improvement and analysis of our services, management of our communications, analysis of data and performing accounting, auditing and other internal activities);
  • Compliance with the applicable law and contract requirements.
  • Grounds for data collection and processing

R&D Talents processes personal data on the grounds of law requirements for the following purposes:

  • For fulfillment of a law obligation or a contractual obligation of the administrator;
  • When the processing is of essential significance and it’s necessary for protection of the administrator’s legal interest;
  • On grounds of explicit consent from the individual, when such consent is required by law;

The administrator’s legal interest is present when the data is processed for the following purposes:

  • For improving, changing, personalizing or in any other way improving our services for the benefit of our clients and job candidates;
  • For identification and prevention of fraud;
  • For improving our network and information systems;
  • For improving our websites’ user experience;
  • For direct marketing purposes;
  • Processing and protection of personal data

We process personal data that we collect also trough automated means for the purposes outlined above and for a certain period of time which is required for the completion of the tasks for which the data was collected. We guarantee that personal data shall not be stored any longer than necessary.

We’ve taken the necessary administrative, technical and physical precautions designated for protection of personal data which we enforce against accidental, illegal or unauthorized destruction, loss, change, access, revealing or use.

When we process Your personal data, we guarantee that we take into consideration and abide by your rights. You have the right to oppose processing of your personal data and if you wish to do so, please contact us at gdpr@rnd-talents.com.  Please bear in mind that if you wish to enforce your right to oppose the processing of your data our ability to execute and provide services for Your benefit may be affected. Also, keep in mind that there are cases in which the right for personal data destruction (“Right to be forgotten”) can’t be enforced since it contradicts legal requirements regarding Your personal data’s processing.

Processing personal data, collected through contract conclusion, providing of our services or through Your request to receive information regarding our services (otherwise known as contractual grounds or pre-contractual negotiations), is performed on the grounds of article 6, section 1b of the General data protection regulation (GDPR) which in this case does not require your explicit consent.

  • Deadlines for data storage

R&D Talents stores personal data in a way which allows the identification of individuals for a period no longer than necessary for the completion of the purposes for which the data was collected or for which the data is being processed.

The period for which the data is stored is 3 years, while at the same time taking into account:

  • The necessity for storage of the collected data for offering services to the consumer;
  • The protection of the data administrator’s legal interest as it’s described above;
  • The existence of certain legal obligations which require processing and storage of personal data for a period of time;

After these deadlines have expired in the event that 3 years have passed since the date of our last contact with You (last job application, last autobiography update), Your data may be destroyed through the applicable means (deleting digital information, destroying physical media).

  • Providing personal data

Personal data which you provide is not provided to third parties except in the cases outlined in the following paragraph.

Personal data can be accessed by:

  • R&D Talents (Administrator), R&D Solutions (parent company)
  • The data subject;
  • Companies with which we are under contract for providing job applications for filling certain positions – those for which you’ve addressed your application, or other potential employers that we deem fit only in case of your explicit consent;
  •       Government authorities operating within their legal boundaries;
  • The data can be provided to third parties which the administrator has contractual obligations to, regarding execution of his legal obligations or his activities, including other personal data administrators, companies who provide accounting and other related services;
  • transfer your collected personal data within the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland and we will abide by all legal regulations regarding the necessary protection during transfers of personal data to parties outside of the EEA and Switzerland.

We have taken the necessary technical and organizational precautions in accordance with GDPR to restrict any unauthorized access of the personal data provided by you.

We have made all the necessary efforts to guarantee that your data is stored under complete confidentiality and that there’s no risk of that data being acquired by unauthorized third parties. Employees that have access to personal data are trained to work with personal data and are obligated to treat it as confidential information.

  • Rights of the data subject

According to GDPR, you have the following rights:

  • Right to access: the data subject has the right to access his own personal data;
  • Right to rectification: the data subject has the right to request the rectification of any inaccurate or incomplete data;
  • Right of erasure: the data subject has the right to request that the administrator erase all information regarding the data subject and cease to process it;
  • Right to restriction of processing: the subject has the right to request of the administration to restrict the processing of his personal data;
  • Right to portability: the data subject has the right to request that his personal data be provided to him in a structured and commonly used format and to request that his data be transferred to another administrator;
  • Right to object: the data subject has the right to object to the processing of his personal data at any time;
  • The subject has the right to not be subjected to a decision based solely on automated processing including profiling if that profiling produces legal effects concerning him or her or similarly significantly affects him or her.
  • Right to withdraw his or her consent: The data subject has the right to withdraw his consent for personal data processing when that processing is conducted only on the grounds of the subject’s explicit consent.
  • Right to appeal to supervisory body: in case the data subject believes that his or her personal data is processed unlawfully or his or her rights regarding the processing of personal data have been violated he or she can turn to the national supervisory body that oversees personal data regulations: The Commission for Personal Data Protection, “prof. Cvetan Lazarov” blvd 2, Sofia, Bulgaria, www.cpdp.bg.

We do not use automated methods and we do not make decisions based solely on automated processing or automated profiling.

II. Cookie policy

R&D Talents uses cookies and other related instruments on its website to improve the site’s performance and Your user experience. You can learn more about cookies in the following paragraph or at www.allaboutcookies.org

  1. Cookie definition: “Cookies” are small text files which are saved on your computer or mobile device. Their function is to differentiate You from other users on the same website or to save certain information regarding your preferences. Cookies are used on most websites to make Your surfing easier.

Every cookie is unique to Your browser and contains anonymous information. Its content includes the name of the domain, from which it comes from, its “lifespan”, and a value usually generated as a random number.

  • What types of cookies we use and why
  • Security and identification: the purpose of cookies designed for connection security is to recognize the user in a current session, to control security and to guarantee that the information which the user enters can be seen only by him;
  • Security and identification cookies are deleted automatically after your browser’s session ends or are kept for a limited time in order to provide an unimpeded user experience on the site. We use anonymous cookies. The data that these cookies collect is not personal data and it can’t identify you.
  • Efficiency and functionality: Performance cookies are designed to collect statistical information and serve relevant content according to users’ personal preferences. These cookies allow the measuring of the number of site and page visits, user activity, as well as repeated website visits. These cookies help us analyze traffic which improves the website and the whole user experience.
  • Management and deletion of cookies: please keep in mind that a large part of the cookies we use will make your user experience on our website better. The rest of the cookies play an important part in guaranteeing access security.

Depending on your browser you have the ability to:

  • Allow or refuse cookie storage from all sources;
  • To activate a notification, which will require each new cookie to ask your permission before collecting any information.

Most browsers are set up to accept all cookies by default. If you do not wish for cookies to be saved on your device you have the ability to restrict then through changes of your browser’s settings.

Please remember that if you decide to stop or refuse our cookies some of our site’s sections might not function correctly. 

III. Privacy Policy updates

This current privacy policy can be updated periodically in accordance with the law or our own practices regarding processing and protection of personal data. You will be notified in case of significant changes with a message posted on our website.

   IV. Contacts