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There are new platforms, languages and library updates introduced daily. We are the training partner to train, mentor and continuously upskill your tech talents to keep pace with the latest and greatest.

We help our clients to have the latest and greatest knowledge and capability when it comes to technology. We deliver classroom training with strong focus on practical skills, we train you on-the-job as part of a project team, and we mentor new joiners to onboard them faster. We have built a learning experience to help you stay ahead in any technology through continuous learning.


The RND Talents team onboards people on technologies ranging from JS, .Net, Java to QA building much needed skills.

We do bespoke customer-specific trainings based on your organization’s technology stack to make the onboarding of new joiners faster and more productive.

Mentoring & Upskilling

Our training team mentors and upskills people on technology, agile and soft skills as part of a continuous learning experience for your organization. We deliver upskilling sessions through regular intervals to allow you to focus on your business and enable your tech team at the same time.

How Are We Different?

  • We are practical and realistic about how skills are built

    We are aware of the limitations that corporate environments pose on delivering tech projects and how little time can be spent on training. That’s why we focus on what makes sense for the business and the team in the amount of time you can invest to get the most out of our knowledge.

  • We are focused on increasing your technology capability

    RND Talents focuses on building the skills, tech and soft skills, to boost your capability to deliver on the digital agenda for the business. We look at all skills and address them in a blended format for maximum impact.

  • We share all our knowledge, not withholding anything from you

    Our trainers are no-BS individuals that are open to sharing all their experience in any tech platform or delivery approach, positive and negative, with you so that you get the full picture.


  1. Increased tech capability
  2. Faster onboarding of new joiners
  3. Latest on any technology with practical examples

Do you know it is not only Hiring?
We can hire + train new joiners + allocate RND Talents to an existing team for the best overall results.

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